Next Epigenetics Meeting: Thursday, October 17th 2019 – 10am – IAB

Dear colleagues,
The next Chromatin club meeting will take place next Thursday  October 17th  2019 at 10 am in the  auditorium of the IAB. 

Seminar Carlo Petosa (IBS)
Insights into the structural plasticity of chromatin

Short talks
Domenico IUSO (IAB)
A key player linking Acyl-CoA metabolism to histone modifications

Sagar Bhogaraju (PI)
EMBL (lab)
Structural and functional studies of Legionella toxins: a unique ubiquitin ligase and its nemesis

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The organisers,
Jérôme, André, Chloé, Marco and Jan

Epigenetics: Towards new therapeutic targets – June 1st – Grenoble

Dear “Chromatin and Epigenetic Club” Members,

The JSM on Epigenetic (Epigenetic: toward new therapeutic targets) is approaching!

It will held on June 1st 2017 in Grenoble (La Tronche, Amphi Boucherle).

The final deadline for Poster submission is set at May 22 with a prize for the best poster.

There is still some room left to join us for this exciting event! (see program:

Registration is free, but required (website:

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Yung-Sing Wong

Chromatin Meeting : June 3rd – 9:45AM – EMBL

The next meeting will take place this Wednesday June 3rd, at 9:45 AM at the EMBL/Institut Laue-Langevin at the Polygone Scietifique.

Diapositive1The speakers are:
9:45 Seminar by Oliver Weichenrieder (MPI for Developmental Biology Tuebingen)
Structural analysis of human non-LTR retrotransposons

11:00 Short talk by Afsaneh Goudazri (IAB)
Male genome programming guided by histone acetylation and other post-translational modifications

11:30 Short talk by Piotr Gerlach (EMBL)
Structural Insights into Bunyavirus Replication and Its Regulation by the vRNA Promoter

Location : The meeting will take place in the Chadwick Amphitheatre of Institut Laue-Langevin/EMBL located at the EPN campus at the polygone scientifique.
Access map is available here:
Unless you work there, you will need a site entry permission. You only need to email a few days ahead with following information:
Your name; date, city and country of birth; nationality; name and address of your institute.