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For the last 10 years, the Grenoble scientific community has been demonstrating a growing interest in the field of chromatin, transcription, epigenetics and RNA biology. This Club has been initiated to facilitate our interactions, and hopefully spark off new collaborative projects.

The organizing committee is currently animated by Jérôme Govin (IAB), Jan Kadlec (IBS), Marco Marcia (EMBL), André Verdel (IAB) and Chloé Zubieta (PCV). They organize several meetings each year, usually in autumn, winter and spring. Their location rotates between IAB, IBS and EMBL. We also regularly organize symposia, as in 2013, 2015 and 2020. Sign up for our mailing list (below) to make sure you don’t miss the next one!

Two other clubs have recently been launched in Grenoble: Host-Pathogen Interactions and Drug Discovery.

Our lastest news

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Upcoming events

Meeting #27 – Thursday May 23rd 2024 – IAB – 10am

That’s it, we’ve recovered from organizing the symposium and the Grenoble Epigenetics Club is back! Our next meeting will be in the Institute of Advanced Biosciences, on Thursday May 23rd, from 10am until 1pm. Here is our program : Keynote by Benjamin Loppin (LBMC, Lyon). Establishing paternal epigenetic identity in

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Meeting #26 – Thursday April 27th – IBS – 10am

Our next meeting will be in the Institute of Structural Biology (link). Please contact us (here) if you need a entry pass for the IBS. Here is the program of our next meeting: Keynote: Jamie Hackett (EMBL)The Functional Role of Chromatin Modifications: Why context matters Short talk 1. Auriane Rakitch

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All our previous events / news can be found here.


Here is an list of labs who have long demonstrated their interest in this initiative:
  • Stephen Cusack (Lab)
  • Wojtek Galej (Lab)
  • Eva Kowalinski (Lab)
  • Marco Marcia (Organising  Committee, Lab)
  • Pierre Hainaut (Director, Lab)
  • Jan Bednar (Lab)
  • Jérôme Govin (Organizing Committee, Lab)
  • Ali Hakimi (Lab)
  • Saadi Khochbin (Lab)
  • André Verdel (Organizing Committee, Lab)
  • Darren Hart (Lab)
  • Jan Kadlec (Organizing Committee, Lab)
  • Dimitrios Skoufias (Lab)
  • Carlo Petosa (Lab)
  • Cristel Carles (Lab)
  • François Parcy (Lab)
  • Chloé Zubieta (Organizing Committee, Lab)
  • Yohann Couté (Lab)
  • Delphine Pflieger (Lab)

Speakers information

Thank you very much for accepting to present your work!! Each meeting is composed of a full seminar (45 min followed by 15 min for questions) and two short talks (20 min followed by 10 min for questions). A timer will be used, as time will be saved for informal discussions.

The audience will be composed of experts in your field, but also non experts and students,  from cell biology to biophysics and medical biology. Please keep your experimental methods accessible for everybody. We recommend a solid introduction, leading to the main challenges and biological questions of your field.

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