Grenoble Epigenetics Club

Next Epigenetics Meeting: Thursday June 8th 2017 – 10 am – IAB

Dear all,
We are pleased to announce the next Epigenetics Meeting, which will be on Thursday June 8th at 10am at the IAB.

The following speakers will present their work:
1. Seminar by Wojtek Galej (EMBL)
Structure of the spliceosome

2. Short talk by Yohann Couté (BIG)
Using label-free quantitative proteomics to better describe biological systems

3. Short talk by Fabien Sindikubwabo (IAB)
H4K31 modifications control chromosomal organization and genic expression in Apicomplexan parasites


And please remember to sign up for the exciting symposium organized by the Department of Molecular Pharmacology (UGA) :
See you soon!
Jérôme for the organization committee