Grenoble Epigenetics Club

Seminar: iRTSV, Thursday Oct 2nd, 2pm. Hi-C and 3D reconstruction

Dear all,

Please find below an announcement for a seminar which will probably interest our community. It will be after the Chromatin Meeting, this Thursday Oct 02, on the iRTSV campus, at 2pm.

You will need a CEA pass to reach the conference room. Please contact Odile Rossignol to get it (, 04 38 78 45 63).

See you all Thursday!
The organization committee (Jan, André, Jérôme)

Reconstructing the 3D architecture of the genome
Jean-Philippe Vert, Institut Curie, Mines ParisTech
Thursday Oct 2nd 2014, 2 pm, Room C3.104
Recent technological advances allow the measurement, in a single Hi-C experiment, of the frequencies of physical contacts among pairs of genomic loci at a genome-wide scale. The next challenge is to infer, from the resulting DNA–DNA contact maps, accurate 3D models of how chromosomes fold and fit into the nucleus. I will present PASTIS, a new method to infer a consensus model of DNA structure from Hi-C data. I will also discuss how DNA structure is related to gene regulation in Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite responsible for malaria.