Chromatin Meeting : June 3rd – 9:45AM – EMBL

The next meeting will take place this Wednesday June 3rd, at 9:45 AM at the EMBL/Institut Laue-Langevin at the Polygone Scietifique.

Diapositive1The speakers are:
9:45 Seminar by Oliver Weichenrieder (MPI for Developmental Biology Tuebingen)
Structural analysis of human non-LTR retrotransposons

11:00 Short talk by Afsaneh Goudazri (IAB)
Male genome programming guided by histone acetylation and other post-translational modifications

11:30 Short talk by Piotr Gerlach (EMBL)
Structural Insights into Bunyavirus Replication and Its Regulation by the vRNA Promoter

Location : The meeting will take place in the Chadwick Amphitheatre of Institut Laue-Langevin/EMBL located at the EPN campus at the polygone scientifique.
Access map is available here:
Unless you work there, you will need a site entry permission. You only need to email a few days ahead with following information:
Your name; date, city and country of birth; nationality; name and address of your institute.

Reminder: Next meeting October 02 2014, 10AM IAB

Dear all,20141002_Meeting7
We remind you that the next chromatin club meeting will take place this week, Thursday October 2nd 2014 at 10 AM at IAB (access).

The program will be:
For the seminar: Pierre Antoine Defossez (Epigenetics and Cell fate, Paris)
Transcription silencing and DNA methylation

Fort the two short talks:
– Valérie Robert (Palladino lab, ENS Lyon)
The SET-2/SET1 histone H3K4 methyltransferase maintains pluripotency in the Caenorhabditis elegans germline

– Carmen Aguilar (Panne lab, EMBL)
Structure of the Nap1–H2A–H2B complex and implications for nucleosome assembly Continue reading “Reminder: Next meeting October 02 2014, 10AM IAB”

Summer School in Les Houches

Summer School Les Houches This summer school provides an exceptional opportunity to develop a broad overview of the state-of-art developments in integrated structural cell biology, to meet in a nice environment both senior lecturers who are world leaders in their field, as well as students and early-stage researchers from different countries, and all of this in a beautiful environment.

It is located in Les Houches, near Chamonix (France), from July 7th – August 1st.

Please take a look at the website, and help spread the information!

We broke the record of EMBL site entries !

We would like to thank you all for coming to our last meeting at EMBL/ILL. Apparently, we broke the local record in the number of site entries ! They did not have enough visitor badges at the entrance! Next time, we will use a more efficient way of registration!

The next meeting will take place at the IAB on September 19th 2013. The main seminar will be presented by Sophie Polo, head of the Group Epigenome Integrity (Unit Epigenetics and Cell Fate, Paris). Sophie Polo is studying molecular players that control histone dynamics and alterations in higher-order chromatin structure in response to genotoxic stress (website).

The short talks and the final program will be announced soon!

Best Wishes for 2013! Next Meeting: April 4th 2013 – 10am – EMBL

Best wishes for 2013 !!

Our next meeting will be on Thursday April 4th 2013, at 10:00 am at the EMBL.

We are delighted to announce that thanks to you and your interest in this community, the first Symposium of our “Club” will be in the fall. This Symposium is entitled “Signaling Through Chromatin” and will gather exceptional speakers from France, Europe and USA.

More information about our next meeting:
It will be at the Conference Room of the Institut Laue-Langevin / EMBL (see below for more details, access map here).

Unless you work there, an entry permission is required. 
Please email a few days ahead with the following information: Name, city and country of birth, nationality, name and address of your institute. Please bring a valid ID to obtain the pass.

The speakers are :
Seminar by S. Dimitrov (IAB)
Chromatin: from structure to epigenetics
Short talk by Christoph Bieniossek (EMBL)
The architecture of human general transcription factor TFIID core complex
Short talk by Vincent Vanoosthuyse (ENS Lyon)
When a defect becomes an asset: DNA:RNA hybrids facilitate chromosome condensation
Coffee break and lunch will be provided by Active Motif.
Please help us advertise the event! The full resolution flyer is accessible here.