First Meeting : March 15th 2012

We are pleased to confirm that our first meeting will be held on Thursday, March 15th 2pm at the IBS (access).

201203_Meeting1The speakers will be :
Seminar by Dr. Saadi Khochbin (IAB)
Molecular basis of post-meiotic male genome reprograming

Short talk: Dr. Jordi Xiol (EMBL)
Involvement of the chaperone machinery in the mouse and insect piRNA pathway

Short talk: Dr. Cristel Carles (iRTSV)
Developmental programs and cell fates in plants: from genetics to epigenetics


Refreshments and finger food will be provided by Active Motif, who kindly accepted to sponsor our meetings.

Please help us advertise the event! The flyer can be found here.

Launch !

Dear colleagues,

The Grenoble scientific community has been demonstrating a growing interest in the field of chromatin dynamics, transcription regulation and epigenetics in general. We propose to create a local “Chromatin, Transcription and Epigenetics Club”.

Several times a year, local actors would gather together, to facilitate our interactions, and hopefully spark off new collaborative projects. Topics covered would range from chromatin dynamics to transcription regulation, and epigenetics using a broad variety of models and methodologies, from biochemistry and cellular biology to structural biology, and Next-Gen sequencing.

We propose to organize three meetings a year (autumn, winter and spring). Meetings would consist of three presentations. Two PhD students/ Post Docs would present their work in 20 min, followed by 10 min of questions. After a break, a senior scientist would present a seminar of 45 min, followed by 15 min of questions. The location of the meetings would rotate between iRTSV, IBS / EMBL and IAB.

An initial organizing committee is composed of Jerome Govin (chromatin dynamics in gametes, iRTSV), Jan Kadlec (X chromosome dosage compensation, EMBL) and André Verdel (RNAi and cell differentiation, IAB).

Initial discussions with some of you are very encouraging. A first tentative list of potentially interested labs has been made. Please read, correct and amend this list considering your respective network. We welcome any ideas!

As soon as initial feedback has been gathered, we will start to organize our first meeting, hopefully for February 2012.

Sincerely yours,

Jérôme, Jan and André.