About us

The Grenoble scientific community has been demonstrating a growing interest in the field of chromatin dynamics, transcription regulation and epigenetics.

In 2011, the Grenoble Chromatin Club was created to facilitate our interactions and spark off new collaborative projects. Several regional meetings are organized each year, usually in autumn, winter and spring. The location of the meetings rotates between iRTSVIBSEMBL and IAB. There is a dedicated website here: epigenetics.fr.

The success and feedbacks have been incredibly good. This has naturally lead us in organizing a first symposium in the Fall 2013. Over 200 participants from the South East of France, but also Switzerland and Italy, gathered during one day to discuss exciting ideas on chromatin signaling.

In September 2015, we will have our Second Symposium. See our program here!

The organization committee is chaired by representative from the different institutes: Jérôme Govin (iRTSV), Jan Kadlec (EMBL / IBS) and André Verdel (IAB).